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Nine unique staircases that take these homes to the next level

Faulkner Construction is a second-generation family business and we are passionate about crafting exceptional homes. This "building pride" is reflected in every detail of the houses we design and build - and staircases are no exception.

Staircases often go beyond mere functionality to become an integral part of a home's architecture and aesthetic, providing a canvas for our expertise and - if we're honest - a welcome opportunity to obsess over the "devils in the detail".

Here's a glimpse of some of our favourite staircase projects that showcase our love for unique designs, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Paunui House - Vertical Timber meets Concrete Chic

Paunui House, designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, stands as a testament to challenging and rewarding craftsmanship, featuring a three-storey cast-in-situ concrete structure adorned with elegant timber panels.

Vertical Timber meets Concrete Chic

Shift House – Recycled Kauri Handrails

The Shift House, designed by MAUD, exemplifies our clients' dedication to sustainability by incorporating recycled Kauri into captivating handrails, seamlessly merging eco-friendliness with elegance.

Shift House recycled Kauri staircase

Pohutukawa House - Nature-Inspired Staircase Design

At Pohutukawa House, designed by DAY Architects, inspiration was drawn from the charming old baches in the neighbourhood, infusing rustic timber floors and weatherboard-lined stairwells to echo the timeless essence of these beloved structures.

Pohutukawa House Nature Inspired Stairwell

Blackbird House - Oak Sophistication

The Blackbird House, designed by DAY Architects, finds inspiration in the neighbouring oak tree, utilising oiled PEFC certified French oak in the staircase to enhance the interior and create a visual link to the natural surroundings.

Sophisticated Oak Staircase

Davis House – Industrial Beauty

The Davis House, designed by Mercer and Mercer, embraces industrial architecture influenced by yachting elements, resulting in a staircase that exudes uniqueness and captivation.

David House industrial architecture Faulkner Construction

Marine House – Connecting Spaces, Elevating Design

The Marine House, designed by Archaus Architects, showcases the allure of vertical timber battens, allowing natural light to filter through and providing captivating visual connections to adjacent spaces.

Connecting Spaces and Elevating Design

Old Mill House - Honouring Heritage

At Old Mill House, designed by Malcolm Walker, the staircase is the centerpiece of a significant transformation in this heritage villa. The bright white timber panels and vibrant pink painted wall create a striking contrast that enhances its allure.

Honouring Heritage

Tainui House – Exterior Timber Artistry

At Tainui House, designed by Arcube Architects, vast outdoor living areas seamlessly connect with the indoors, featuring sleek and modern timber stairs that merge seamlessly with the architectural vision.

Exterior Timber Stairs

Paunui House – Outdoor Tiled Elegance

Paunui House, designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects, features not only a remarkable indoor staircase, as mentioned above, but also an impressive outdoor staircase adorned with large stone tiles.

Elegant Tiled Stairs


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