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Q Designz Limited

Choosing the right builder to build our client’s 700m² dream home is not something we take on lightly especially when the house design is an old classic, the American Cape Cod style which carries many complicated features and very demanding detailing.

When we first met Ross from Faulkner Construction, he promised to build an “award winning” house and we were delighted. True to his words, the house was built beautifully.

During the construction process, we found Faulkner Construction composed of very thoughtful, reliable and highly competent professionals. The site foreman, Tai, with his years of experience and knowledge, blended every tradespeople successfully and delivered satisfying results. He is friendly and easy to communicate with, understand the drawings and interpret the design intent accurately. He will go an extra mile in getting things done perfectly.

The house was completed to a high standard as a result of a skilful team who are committed, dedicated, passionate and paid extreme attention to details. We will not hesitate to use Faulkner Construction again.

Q Designz Ltd

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