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Day Architects

This fine example of coastal style is also a study in sustainable building practices. The four-bedroom home is designed to use less energy through good solar design, and the materials used are natural or recycled where possible.

Roof overhangs and passive ventilation stacks prevent overheating in summer but allow maximum sun penetration in winter. Sustainable Abodo weatherboards, low-VOC paints, boosted insulation, energy-efficient appliances and underground water tanks ensure a future-proofed, healthy home for generations to come.

As if that’s not enough, this 366sqm house – dramatic inside and out – is a stunning addition to its seaside Auckland neighbourhood. Concealed steel portal frames form the vaulted roof and differentiate the floor levels. Also critical to the project’s success were the automated skylights, ceiling heights and the design of the stairs.

The character details of the weatherboard walls, timber linings, exposed rafters and trims are extra touches that exude personality and add to the feeling that this beachfront home is quality, inside and out.

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